Crawl - Entombed - Clandestine (Cassette, Album)

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  1. May 25,  · The sophomore album from Swedish death metal godfathers Entombed is a release that I’ve been looking forward to dissecting for some time now & much of my excitement is due to the fact that the development & subsequent success of the local Swedish scene was something that practically took place in front of my young teenage eyes.
  2. Clandestine is the second studio album by Swedish death metal band Entombed. It was released on November 12, , in Europe, and on February 11, , in North America. It helped establish a distinctively Swedish sound in the death metal genre. This is the only Entombed album on which original vocalist L.G. Petrov does not appear.
  3. Subscribe today and get this album using your free $50 sign up bonus!** Clandestine. Rate this album (1) Rate this album Edit your rating By Entombed.
  4. Nov 21,  · One of the least quirky songs on “Clandestine”. “Chaos Breed” sounds more like a thrash metal version of the “Left Hand Path” sound. It’s extremely catchy and has a crushing start-stop breakdown that remains one of the coolest moments in the Entombed discography. 2. Crawl (“Clandestine”, ).
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  6. The version of "Crawl" here on this EP differs from the subsequent version on Clandestine (), though the difference is essentially one of vocals. Drummer/songwriter Nicke Andersson sung the version on Clandestine, and his vocals are an improvement over those of Säfström, which are mixed low and aren't especially compelling.4/
  7. Since the dissolution of the band and the resultant formation of ENTOMBED A.D back in , the original band have been fairly quiet. But now, ENTOMBED have released a live rendition of their classic record, Clandestine, probably the band’s best record not named Left Hand Path. It’s a great means by which to celebrate an album so brilliant, and indeed so monumental, to death metal.
  8. Entombed may have kicked off their Swedish death metal assault with debut album 'Left Hand Path', but with 'Clandestine', they took an already perfected blueprint and took it to the next level. Chainsaw guitar tone and thud-in-your-chest kick drums are present in great plenty here, and the album features fan favourites such as 'Crawl', 'Living Dead' and 'Stranger Aeons'/5(79).

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