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  1. A musician is someone who is talented and skilled in playing one or several musical instruments. A musician could also compose, conduct, sing, perform, orchestrate and arrange music in a variety of different styles. The music can be recorded in a studio or performed live. A musician will spend a significant amount of time learning and practicing so as to become known within the music world, or.
  2. Jul 08,  · A musician is a person who plays a musical instrument as their job or hobby. He was a brilliant musician.
  3. musician: 1 n someone who plays a musical instrument (as a profession) Synonyms: instrumentalist, player Examples: show examples hide examples Marian Anderson United States contralto noted for her performance of spirituals () Louis Armstrong United States pioneering jazz trumpeter and bandleader () Johann.
  4. noun a person who makes music a profession, especially as a performer of music. any person, whether professional or not, skilled in music.
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  7. The famous jazz musician, Duke Ellington, was a composer, arranger and pianist. The restaurant was hopelessly mismanaged by a former rock musician with no business experience. She was a .
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