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Am I Blue

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  1. Introdução: A6 D6 C7 B7 E7 Bb9 A9 D6 Bm7 Fdim A7 A7/D6 D7M F#m7 Am I blue B9 Em7 Em6 A9 Am I blue A9/F#m7 B9 E7 Bm A7 D6/9 Bm7 Em7 A7 Ain't these tears in my eyes tellin' you A7/D6 D7M D6/9 Am I blue Em7 A4/7 A7 You'd be, too A6 D6 C7 B7 E7 B7 B9 D6 Fdim If each plan with your man just fell through Bridge F F#m7 Fdim Was a time I was his only one Fdim F#m Em7 A7 Now I'm .
  2. Am I Blue Lyrics: Am i blue? Am i blue? / Ain't these tears / In these eyes telling you? / Am i blue? You'll be too / If each plan with you man / Done fell through / There was a time i was her only.
  3. “Am I Blue?” a Story by Alice Walker Essay The story Am I Blue? by Alice Walker narrates about a horse named Blue. At the very beginning, the story is an ordinary account about author’s horse, but further exploration provides a deeper interpretation of emotions that animal experiences.
  4. Am I Blue Lyrics: I'm just a woman, a lonely woman / Waiting on the weary shore / I'm just a woman, who's only human / One you should feel sorry for / Well I woke up this morning along about dawn.
  5. Am I blue, am I blue Aint these tears in these eyes telling you How can you ask me am I blue Why, wouldn't you be too If each plan with your man Done fell through There was a time When I was his only one But now I'm the sad and lonely one Lonely Was I gay, until today Now he's gone, and we're through Am I blue.
  6. Am I Blue is a short story about an African American woman who bonds with a male horse named “Blue”. She sees many similarities in the indifference, preconceptions, and injustices he suffers.
  7. AM I BLUE features the classic Green/Patton/Dixon ensemble plus Johnny Cole and Joe Henderson on horns in a delightful yet unusually laid back vain. The gospel influence in John's playing is particularly evident on this recording, as is his minimalist philosophy.3/5(13).
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