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An Arabesque

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  1. Mar 08,  · The Arabesque is a formal term, visual motif, and technical movement with a long and complex history. Its linguistic associations and physical manifestations have evolved since its earliest appearance within the work of craftsmen of the Hellenistic period. The arabesque became formalized in its use in Islamic cultures as a decorative style.
  2. Mar 17,  · An arabesque is a ballet position whereby the dancer stands on one leg and stretches the other leg straight out behind his or her body. The standing leg can be .
  3. In ballet, arabesque is a position where the body is supported on one leg, with the other leg extended directly behind the body with a straight knee. The standing leg can be straight or in plie, but the back leg must always be straight.
  4. arabesque definition: The definition of arabesque is artwork or structures that are decorated with many flowing lines. (adjective) An example of arabesque artwork is on the dome of .
  5. Dec 06,  · An arabesque is an extraordinary movement in itself, but it is also the beginning to more complex movements. These may consist of anything from an arabesque penchée, fouetté, tour jeté, or an attitude. All of these, as well as others, incorporate arabesque.
  6. Jul 10,  · The arabesque is a common position in various types of ballet in which the dancer stands on one leg while extending the other behind their body. Though this is a common position in both classical and modern ballet, it can be difficult to master%(53).
  7. An arabesque is a position in which a ballerina stands on one leg with the other stretched out behind her. The back leg in an arabesque might be just touching the floor or extended straight up in the air.
  8. Aug 18,  · As has been duly noted before, "Arabesque" is essentially an update of Stanley Donen's own "Charade." This time, however, the plot twists are more convoluted, the camerwork is decidedly more "mod" (shooting through chandeliers, reflections in sunglass lenses, etc.) and there is an even greater emphasis on the female star's wardrobe/10(K).
  9. Most people consider an arabesque the essence of classical ballet. The arabesque, when executed correctly, is one of the most beautiful poses performed by a ballerina and quite possibly the hardest to perfect. First Arabesque Is Classical Ballet Most every dance style has its signature step.

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