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Sodomy - Inhumate - Ex-Pulsion (Cassette, Album)

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  1. En septembre , le premier album voit le jour Internal Life (18 titres). En novembre , c'est le second Ex-Pulsion (13 + 1 chansons), et en juin , c'est le tour du troisième Growth (17 titres). Enfin, en février sort Life, quatrième album et partie centrale de l'heptalogie (concept en sept albums mis en place par Inhumate).
  2. Sodomy, noncoital carnal copulation. The term is understood in history, literature, and law in several senses: (1) as denoting any homosexual practices between men, in allusion to the biblical story of Sodom (Genesis ), (2) as denoting anal intercourse, (3) as synonymous with bestiality or zoophilia (i.e., sexual relations between human beings and animals), and (4) as comprehending a.
  3. Sodomy has always been present in many past civilizations and it was the sin that had brought them down internally. Greece - Homosexuality was very rampant in ancient Greece. Evidence has survived from the writings of Plato to pictures on vases and other artwork. What was prevalent among the upper classes of ancient Greece was something called.
  4. Mar 21,  · "Sodomy And Lust," taken from Sodom's 2nd album, Persecution Mania () Thrash Metal Lyrics: Behind the scenes of destiny I adore you in .
  5. Aug 04,  · In the law, the term sodomy refers to anal or oral sex, whether between a man and woman, two women, or two men, and was historically considered to be a criminal act. As recently as the s, all 50 states had laws that made even consensual sodomy illegal, viewing such acts as “crimes against nature,” or deviant sexual acts.
  6. Dec 10,  · Broadly written anti-sodomy statutes have also been used, on rare occasion, to prosecute men or women deemed “sexual deviates.” Mutual masturbation, for .
  7. Audio Sodomy Records is a net label that distributes experimental music. We put it out there mainly for free, but we have started doing unique limited physical releases unlike any other independent label! Check us out at our website. Or add us on myspace.
  8. CD pressings - copies + promo copies with black and white layout. - copies - copies. Recording information: Recorded, mixed and .

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